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In 2013 she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts at the Faculty of Interior Design and Product Design in Poznań, and her first jewelry forms were created in 2010 as a semester project. Shortly afterwards, products went on sale at the TECHNE Art Jewelery Gallery in Poznań. The constantly growing collection of forms resulted in a debut exhibition at the YES GALLERY in Poznań.

In March 2013, AGATA BIELEŃ was nominated for the HUSH SELECTED award in the vision category, and selected by the ELLE magazine to the 20 most promising fashion people of the 20-year-old generation.

In December 2015, the designer was nominated for the DESIGN OSKAR - the DESIGN ALIVE magazine award in the creator category for "FINDING BEAUTY AND NOBILITY IN SIMPLICITY"

AGATA is one of the few Polish women photographed by SCOTT SCHUMANN, the man who de facto created photography of street fashion in its current shape.

Coherent and consistent design aesthetics allowed for the extension of the studio's spectrum of activities to include graphics design, furniture, interiors and architecture.

In September 2019, the first flagship designer boutique was opened in the center of Poznań. Studio is a place where elements from all fields of design activity meets. From a small form, through artistic and functional graphic to interior design.

The starting point of jewelry designs and their leitmotif is the line - the basic geometric unit, length without extension, a straight line stretched between points, which, when formed in space, turns into an object.

Since 2010, new jewelry models have been created according this main theme.
The line is broken, bent and connected in space, creating three-dimensional forms that live close to the body. Their usability is a priority. The forms are light, delicate and, despite the clearly geometric shapes - comfortable and functional. 

Each form is made by hand from stainless steel, silver or high-grade gold. With the utmost attention towards the detail. Following to the idea that simple is beautiful and less is more.

If you want to talk about an individual project, but in line with the aesthetics and sensitivity of Agata, we invite you to a meeting online or at our Studio in Poznań. Just write to us at or call +48 609 364 379. We will meet you at a convenient time and create a unique project for you or your loved one.