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EYE - brooch. Limited edition.

Handcrafted of gold, silver or stainless steel.

Available in different sizes:
Small (+/- 15 mm) - silver 925
Small (+/- 15 mm) - gold 585
Medium (+/- 25mm) - stainless steel
Large (+/- 35 mm) stainless steel

The pretext for the project was the first event of the "EYE on ..." series organized by USTA Magazine together with the Puro Hotels - EYE on Poznan. "People, places, projects - they decide that the city can have a unique atmosphere in the city because they are familiar with artists, architecture, food, design and art."

Usually orders are shipped within 1-3 business days of after payment. Delivery time depends on the form of payment and delivery method. If you need a different size, have questions, want fast delivery or personal pick up in Poznań write us: contact@agatabielen.com

15.00 EUR


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